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Developing for Web 3.0 in Financial, Real Estate, Biotech, Supply Chains and Streaming Media Technologies. Delivering Enterprise Grade Architecture and Bringing Blockchain as a Service to the Corporate Landscape.

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  • eHarmony
  • DreamWorks
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Fandango Now
  • Lynda
  • Chrome River
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
The world’s leading development team in traditional IT and cutting edge DLT

We're Certified Blockchain Developers
Providing Blockchain as a Service

With a combined 20 year discipline in information technology, Bliss is certified in Distrubed Ledger Technology developing and engineering public and private enterprise solutions following ISO/TC 307 standardization. Bliss is proud to be part of the select few that can deliver Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We know the frameworks that will work for your business and setup blockchain connected nodes eliminating the confusing backend configuration.

Bliss offers a combined SaaS & Blockchain as a Service bring a full touring solution for corporate architectural needs that include: iOS, Android, Web, Cloud, AI and large scale Databases. We offer custom engineered algorithmic logic, infrastructural integration, High Frequeny/Low Latency coding with fast throughput that meets all your software requirements.

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Certified Blockchain Developers

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Deploying enterprise-level Disturbed Ledger Technology for permissioned systems and integrating with secure tokens on perminssionless blockchains. Our clients receive the latest in security token logic using ERC* or NEM Mosiac logic. Employing Big Data offchain warehousing for Hippa, Bioinformatics, Health and Financial record storage

Finance & Real Estate

Developing for the Finance and Banking sectors with Fintech compliancy. We engineer high frequency/low latency Algorithmic Trading logic that provide nano second computational feedback. We develop custom Admin solutions including CRM for Mortgage and Financial Advisors. Employing Big Data offchain warehousing protecting sensitive financial records while keeping our clients and your customers security in mind

DRM & Streaming Video

Studio production billing and licensing for Digital Rights Managed assets. Live Video streaming from content managed systems on Smartphones, Smart-TV's and Dynamic Web Applications

CC & ACH Online Billing

Deploying the latest in online billing API Integrations with services such as Stripe, Plaid and ACH payments. Collect credit cards, crypto payments and enable lighting fast ACH money transfers using Bliss Payment Wall Solutions

Crypto Wallets

We manage portfolio wallets in Bitcoin, Alt-Coins and employ multisig logic in Ethereum and NEM. We map any asset to a token and sync transactional data both off and on chain

ICO Development

We Mint secure utility tokens for permissionless ledgers applicable for any business and financial use case. Let us create launch your ICO! We'll generate your genesis block for internal transactional record keeping on a permissioned ledger while tracking investments on the public chain

Our Portfolio

Our clients consists of top-tier Financial, Realestate, Biotech and Media companies around the globe who have come to trust Bliss for their IT solutions

  • Banking

    Merrill Lynch

  • Biotech

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • AI


  • Banking/Trading

    Helm Investment

  • CMS Integration


  • OTT Streaming

    Fandango Now

  • Biotech/AI


  • Studio Operations

    Fox Studios

  • Real Estate/Crypto


  • SaaS

    Thomson Reuters

  • OTT Media
    DreamWorks Studios

  • Machine Learning


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that are asked in regards to what technology is appropriate for their needs and the parameters surrounding the process.

DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology is an umbrella term used to describe technologies which distribute records or information similar to a banking ledger and can be used to create immutable data both publicly or privately as a source of truth.

Blockchain is a type of DLT. Blockchain is the process of submitting data to record in chronilogical order to prevent tampering, fraud and collusion. In the evolution of Blockchain, some DLT systems have left the idea of a Blockchain altogether and have mutated into Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Technology using node-edges to confirm transactions and not compute expensive blocks of data to confirm the ledgers authenticity.

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Digital Identity
Blockchain is the new Digital Identity and private keys to ownership of any digital asset. This places a new and secure way to manage identity in the digital world that avoids exposing users and sharing too much vulnerable personal information.

Tokenization allows authenticating a unique physical item to a corresponding asset. This essentially means tokens are used as to bind the physical and digital worlds. These digital tokens are useful for supply chain management, intellectual property, and anti-counterfeiting and fraud detection.

Banks and other large financial institutions that help individuals form digital relationships over the net are forced to secure the account information they hold against cyber-attacks. Banks and Credit Bureaus have been hacked, resulting in the exposure of customers' intimate financial details. Blockchain technology offers a means to automatically create a record of who has accessed information and set controls on permissions required to see sensitive data. This also has important implications for health records.

Accounting and Auditing
Whereas most databases are snapshots of a moment in time, blockchain databases are built from their own transaction history. They are a database with context, a history of itself, a self-contained system of record. The implications for auditing and accounting are profound.

Smart Contracting
Version of smart contracts seeks to use information and documents stored in blockchains to support complex legal agreements and remove intermiadates that have a central source of control. It allows for contracts to be executed as soon as all conditions and agreements are met.

Clearing and Settlement
In the world of stock trading, we often hear the term 'T+3'. This means, a trade (T) is followed by three days before the trade is accepted (settled). There are non-blockchain ways to get this number down, but not without compromising security and risk. With blockchain technology, however, trade is settlement, and we have a T+0 equation.

Regulatory Compliance
In the case of banks, for example, this could mean improving efficiency in anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Blockchain technology can be calibrated to do different things - permit transactions or report transactions of a certain type according to exact rules. This means that banks could automate regulatory reporting or transaction authorization.

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Bliss Software© offers traditional Credit Card point of sale integration along with ACH payments through our custom built Bliss Payment Wall. To include payments through the form of Crypto Currencies we build out custom Crypto Wallets that capture payment for Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM and upon request other alternative coins.

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Bliss Software© can build out the backend to support to your ICO initiative that is KYC, AML and OFACF compliant. We mint the Token and Coin, program the logic into smart contracts to execute between initial investors, buyers and sellers.
Cloud in the tech sector refers to Cloud Computing. This infers that all your Servers do not reside on-site and all Infrastructure is remote. The Servers and Infrastructure Bliss Software© uses to run your operations in the cloud is hosted by the best and most secure in the business; Amazon's AWS or Microsoft's Azure. With Cloud Computing you can avoid costly bills of electricity and maintenance allowing your business to scale up or down to match customer demands and budgetary constraints.

Here's what goes in the could:
Data Warehouses
Content Managed Systems
Admin Panels
Notification Services

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AI, Artificial Intelligence is automated logic that does conditional thinking and behavioral monitoring. Bliss Software© develops AI for the industrial world of online. AI has become the leading way to drive business, improve sales, increase customer support, optimize supply chains, and analyze huge amounts of data to identify patterns and predict outcomes. Conversational "chat bots" answering questions and improving customer service, banks use it to detect money laundering and fraud and in health care AI could predict diseases before they develop

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Bliss Software© has over 20 years combined in traditional IT development and retains expert knowledge in multiple languages.

With the new generation of Enterprise Blockchain Bliss Software© can Provide development for:
Windows Mobile
Smart Devices
Apple TV
Big Data
Data Warehouses
Content Managed Systems
Admin Panels
Notification Services
Micro Services
System Intergration

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With the advent of Blockchain technology people are coming to understand that this is an opportunity to reinvent what has already been done, but this time with security, self-goverance and verifiable assets. That said, Bliss Software© understands the sensitivity and nature of the conversation and that sometimes it cannot be expressed in a contact email. Please reach out us to schedule an in-person meeting and we'll be happy to come out to you, under your NDA and find out what's possible.

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